Elect Renae Mitchell for PfISD School Board Trustee


vertical headshot-2680Renae’s years of experience working with kids and educators within the school district and as a parent has given her a passion and enthusiasm to be the Parents Voice on the Pflugerville ISD School Board.  She served on the Pflugerville Education Board to support teachers and the Pflugerville public schools and to provide them with what they need in the classrooms including grants for various classroom needs, ipads, integrated learning aids and sensory rooms for special needs students.  One of her key achievements has been to mobilize the community to support the needs of the district through fundraising and donations. As a school board member, she will continue to rally the community to support the teachers, students and administration.  Her vision includes the following goals:

  • Provide all students with the tools they need to achieve their full potential to graduate high school prepared for their future.
  • Encourage and equip our teachers to teach to the individual learner instead of the class.
  • Empower parents and the community to share their voices in shaping school programs for students’ success.
  • Incorporate innovative learning academies in the District to focus students in specific areas of study such as science, technology, engineering, arts, math and career development.

Learn more about Renae and how her background has shaped her.


Renae’s answers to questions published in the Pflugerville Plag and Statesman:

Renae Mitchell

Tell us a little about yourself. (Family, background, career, etc.)

As a 30-year resident of Pflugerville, I’ve spent the last 15 years actively involved in the school district as a volunteer, leader and a parent.  I served as PTO president for Brookhollow Elementary School and Cele Middle School. Also, as Hendrickson High School Booster Club president, we raised more than $30,000 in scholarships for graduating seniors.  I have served as a leader in the local soccer league, baseball league and the area Girl Scouts’ council as a scout leader and trainer for other leaders. I’m Leadership Pflugerville graduate and serve on the boards of the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce, the Pflugerville Education Foundation and the Pflugerville Planning and Zoning Commission.  Serving in the Pflugerville ISD and the community is truly an honor and a blessing and I really enjoy it.

I possess a bachelor’s degree in communications from Southeastern Louisiana University and a Masters of Business/Masters of Education degree at UT Austin from the McCombs School of Business. I’ve worked in the public and private sectors for over 25 years in Human Resources Management, Business and Organizational Development.  As a Pflugerville Developer and business owner (Magnolia Ranch Estates), I’m truly committed and vested in my community. My husband, Oscar, and I have raised our two kids here, and both attended public schools.  Our son, Reid, graduated from Hendrickson and is currently studying environmental engineering at Rice University. Our daughter, Reece, is a 6th-grader at Cele. I’m a leader in the Marriage Ministry and among the Deacon wives at Abundant Life Community Church lead by Pastor DeChard Freeman.

What inspired you to run for the school board? (Incumbents: what continues to inspire you to serve as a board trustee?)

I have a passion for helping children succeed. After working on various academic programs at individual schools and the district and also with the Pflugerville Education Foundation, I find that I really enjoy helping to provide classroom assistance to students and teachers.  I have always been an advocate for kids and I think their voices and their parents’ voices need to have a presence on the school board. We should be doing more with and for our students. I’m committed to serving our students and our district.

What would you bring to the table as a board trustee? In other words, what are your particular skills and expertise? (Incumbents: What do you bring to the table as a board trustee?)

I’m a well-rounded candidate. Being a mother, parent, community leader and a successful business owner in the district makes me really qualified to do a great job as a school board member.  I will bring skill, knowledge and expertise in human resources and business/organizational development that will help with the overall goal of the district and in helping to serve all its customers that includes students, parents, employees, administrators and teachers.  I relate and connect well with others. Also, having had one child graduate from Hendrickson and another child presently attending Cele, I know the current needs of the district. I have a passion for creating an environment where students thrive and learn how to make a difference in their world.

What are some things that the school district does well?

One thing the district does well is getting ahead of its growth. Building a fourth high school is just what is needed to handle all the tremendous growth we are experiencing.

What are the biggest hurdles the school district faces over the next decade?

I think the biggest hurdles our school district faces are continuing to educate our students in a way that prepares them for success and helping them to progress to each grade level.  We also have to teach the individual learner and not the class. This means meeting students were they are and helping them to learn, given their individual learning styles.

Other challenges we face include ensuring our kids are prepared upon graduating for higher education, a trade or a job. We need specific innovative areas of study. We live in a different society today and traditional curriculum is just not enough. Science, technology, engineering, arts and math academies are needed.